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Change in Accepting Payments for Online Store and Registrations

School Site is pleased to announce that PaymentSpring is now our exclusive payment processing partner.  This payment processor can be used in all of our Online Store and Registrations tools.  

If you currently have another payment processor setup with one of these tools, your current tools will not be altered.  You can continue to use the current, connected payment processor.  If you add any NEW tools, these tools will need to use the new, Cryptpay feature.

Rates for Transactions

3.75% on gross sales

$12 Chargeback and Retrievals Fee

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to get setup with PaymentSpring, contact support.  We will provide you the needed forms to get the process started.  Once PaymentSpring receives the completed forms, the turnaround is approximately 10 business days.