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Site Manager Breadcrumbs

Site Manager Breadcrumbs are a visually enhanced way to see where you are when updating your website!  It make it easy to tell which category, page, and tool you are working on. 

This enhancement will be released 2/3/2016.

Easy Edit

Easy Edit is a new way to work on your website!  Easy Edit makes it easier to locate the tool that you want to edit and get to work, by simply choosing to view the Easy Edit version of the page, which appears similarly to a live view of your website. From there, you just click the tool that you want to edit!

This feature is accessible to any user who has permission to edit pages and wherever the icon appears within Site Manager. If you have any questions about this enhancement, please contact Customer Support at 1-866-800-6593 or e-mail

This feature will be released on 2/10/2016.


Note: Easy Edit is automatically enabled in Site Manager. However, it is an optional feature. If you do not wish to use Easy Edit, simply continue working in Site Manager as you have in the past. You can still click on the page name to pull up the full page summary to edit your page.