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Existing School Site customers not on a responsive designed site have the option to add Mobile Optimization to their School Site for a one-time fee of $149.00.  The mobile site is integrated in Site Manager which means that the content of a mobile site is automatically updated in a format that is truly optimized for the mobile screens of today.  Other features include:

  • Streamlined navigation - designed just for mobile and swipe friendly
  • Automatic device detection - displays mobile site when on a phone or smaller tablet screen, but the full site when on a larger tablet screen
  • Beautiful and automatic resizing - create your images for the desktop site, the mobile site will display proportionately
  • Customize header & footer - options include social media icons, unique street address, unique mobile site header text and more
  • Control what content shows up on your mobile site - exclude individual tools or exclude entire pages from the mobile site

 If you are an existing School Site customer that does not have the mobile optimized version of your school site, the next step is to contact us at and let us know that you would like to have your school site mobile optimized.  Please be sure to indicate that you accept the one-time fee of $149.00 in order to expedite your request.

There is a one-time fee of $149.00 for adding this feature to your School Site. There are no other fees or recurring costs.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for our programmers to add this feature to your School Site.

Your mobile site is an optimized version of your full site, or desktop site. However, not all pages - or all types of content - are ideally viewed or processed on a mobile phone screen. You have the control to exclude content from your mobile site - both on a page level and drilling down to an individual tool level.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us