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We have a few tips and tricks on writing content for your website that will help bring people to your website and entice them to stay and interact with it.

Get straight to the point

If you've ever taken a journalism class, you may have heard of the inverted pyramid structure for writing content. This also applies to website content and involves putting the most important content towards the top of your page to capture readers interest, and so they know what information is on the page and can keep reading if they need more information.

Include internal links and calls to action

What do you want the reader to do next? Include calls to action so the reader has a next step. Make sure your calls to action are utilizing action words. A link that says "Apply Now" is more powerful than a link that says "Application."

Less is more

Be concise and consistent with your content. This is important for mobile as well. Users don't want to be scrolling through tons of paragraphs of content. Additionally, lists are better at keeping a reader focused than large paragraphs. Lists make it easier for people to skim through content and find what they're looking for faster.

Make it personal

Use words like 'you' and 'your' to make your content feel more personal to the reader. Instead of "Students will have the opportunity to..." try "Your student will have the opportunity to..."

Utilize keywords

Include the terms and keywords you want to rank for within the content of your website pages. Remember that keywords should fit naturally into your content!

Avoid jargon

Don't use words related to your school that visitors may not understand. For example, using an acronym. This may make sense to your current families but not to a prospective family.