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If you don't have a domain name.

The first step in taking your new website live is having a domain for it to operate on. Click here to see more information about what a domain name is. Selecting a domain name is important. You want the domain name to be memorable, and preferably no longer than it needs to be to identify your organization. Click here to check the availability of the domain name you want to use.

Once you have chosen a domain name, you can register it yourself at any number of domain registrars (we recommend  The typical cost for a domain name registration is $10-$15 per year. Once the domain is registered, you can set the DNS records yourself. Keep in mind that you will need to keep track of this domain account and keep your contact information updated, or your site will stop functioning.

If You Have A Domain, But Have No Clue Where To Begin.

Your domain name is your registered territory on the internet. All domains must be registered at a domain registrar. The only way to alter where that domain points is to access the account where that domain is registered. If you have a domain name already, but you don't have access to the account, or you don't know where it's registered or who registered it, or it was registered by your previous website host, it may take some time to gain access to the domain registration account.

There is no "magic bullet" to gain access to the account. You can look up your domain information in the public registry by going to (please replace "your-domain-here" with your domain.  If you need assistance, please e-mail us at

If You Have A Domain, But Need Help With Your DNS

If you have a domain name and have access to the domain/DNS account, but do not know how to manage your DNS records, continue here.

To bring your site live at your domain, you need to point both your root domain and your www subdomain to our server. Your root domain should point to our server using an A record with a value of, and your www subdomain should be pointed to our server using a cname record with the value   However, there are dozens of domain registrars and control panels, and it isn't always as straightforward as it sounds. The best plan of action is to contact your domain registrars customer support for instructions.

If You Have A Domain & Know How To Manage DNS Settings

If you have access to your organization's Domain/DNS account and are familiar with setting DNS records, all you need to do to take your new website live is to point your root domain's A-record to our IP address, which is and then point your www subdomain to our server using a cname record with a value of